Coconut milk, I hate you.

21. června 2011 v 12:24
This morning was interesting.
I drank coconut milk for the first time in my life, I suppose. I bought it for 5Eur. Wow. I added coconut milk into my bowl filled with cereals.
Then I found out I ate 900 calories for breakfast!!!! I cup of coconut milk = 500 calories!!! And the cereals made the rest.Shit.
My todays intake should be à 1600 kcal.
So... 700 calories left for today. Oh no, what else am I gonna eat today??
..In addition to my dilemas, I must admit that I should actually drink the rest of the bottle within 2 days. Lovely.
1 bottle of cocount milk = 1l = 2000 calories. (Oh my gosh, why is it that much??)
That means I have to drink another cup today = another 500 calories. (To complete my mission of drinking it up within 2 days) What does it mean?
If I have to eat 700 more calories today and 1 cup of that damn coconut milk is 500 calories, then... I have 200 calories left to eat. Gorgeous. I'm proud of myself. No, I'm not.
So how much food is left for me today?
1 cup of coconut milk à 500 kcal+ some vegetables à 200 kcal, to complete my todays 1600 kcal intake.

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