I wanna be skinny and healthy.. Is that even possible nowadays?

21. června 2011 v 11:54
I kind of hope it is. But I'm not that sure. Maybe I'm just too lazy to take action.
To be healthy, we have to eat healthy stuff and excercise and get enough sleep. Yeaaah, yeah, yeah, we all know that. But what if we just don't want to live that way?
Sometimes, I think I have to punish myself for something, like I don't deserve being too healthy. So if I eat well one day, I won't the next day. If I eat well 2 days in a row, I decide not to sleep during the night, and go to sleep at 4am... why?? Don't ask me that. I don't have the slightest idea.
Another thing is that I'm too lazy to do sport. I have to change that. But it "hurts", kinda, 'cause I'm so very damn lazy. Gosh...
But this is not what I wanted to talk about.
Do you think being healthy is possible nowadays? I'm usually too damn confused. Who shall I trust? What is healthy? Dairy products? Yes or no? Soya? Some say, it's poison - especially soya milk. So who shall I trust? What is right for me? Being this very confused, I just... I refuse obeying others. I become rebelious. Ah, damn, gimme that yoghurt! But with extra sugar added and go to hell.
I don't know what right is. Now I'm trying to get vegan. I'm being quite successful last few months. But I do drink soya milk. Screw it.
What do you think? Why is the world being so very confused about what healthy is? I know, money. But still.. I want to know what healthy is, I want to know the truth. But where will I finally find it? Who shall I trust?
But still.. I'm worried about my tendencies to not be too healthy... Do you feel them too..? Or is it just me?

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