Binge episode

22. listopadu 2011 v 20:49
I didn't stay strong... no. I'm so weak. So damn weak.
I ate like 2000 kcal at once right now. My head hurts. I ate like 150g of various nuts, 80g of figs, 110g of chocolate bonbons, they were totally shit, nothing but saturated fat and sugar. And it belonged to my sister. I stole it. Literally. I feel so awful.. I have to buy her a new one... I'm so.... I need help, I need it so much.
I started having headache, cause I ate so much.
I'm gaining weight instead of losing it.
I feel like shit.
If there's anybody, help me out, please.
I don't wanna be even fatter than I am right now.

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1 Lauren. Lauren. | Web | 22. listopadu 2011 v 20:59 | Reagovat

Stop thinking like this! I hate people who hate herself because of their weight. ou're beautiful, such as you are, I think.

2 mina-rea mina-rea | 22. listopadu 2011 v 21:27 | Reagovat

Thanks.. Really, I didn't expect any comment.
Well, it's not just that. It's just that everything goes wrong lately, and I really wanted to stop gaining weight, but I'm so damn weak.
Thanks for your care.

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