My soul

22. listopadu 2011 v 21:00
My soul is eternal, my soul is translucent.
So..? why the hell do I have to be in this body, suffering because of my body shell..???
I feel like some dark emo right now. I feel like some weird unexperienced teen. I feel like the weakest in this flat. In this building. In this street. And more.
I feel like food has the control over me. Like it is my drug. My best friend and my worst enemy. Like a virus, damaging my brain, my soul, my feelings. But I'm too vulnerble. I'm too fragile. My soul is so fragile. I'm nothing but a weak human.
I'm shouting in the dark.
I have to quit this. But what exactly? And how.. I feel like I don't have enough motivation. All I have is demotivation.... Which is not enough. Save my soul, die, weakness, let go of me and let my body die with you...

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