Tomorrow is Monday :) Sounds like a new start :) For another lifestyle change :)

13. listopadu 2011 v 17:19
I gained some fat, which means that I should lose it as well :)
Autumn came along and I my appetite became a little too woken :D
I feel like I eat all the time :D Sweets and so on... Food is very yummy, but my ass is not getting any smaller this way :D
Today I binged for the.. let's say 15th time within last 30 days :D
What does that all mean?
I have to watch myself.. And I'm going to use this blog to help me out :)
So today I ate a lot.. again :D I have to reduce my sugar and fat intake.. Problem? I love nuts and chocolate :D
Roasted salted nuts taste better, but raw nuts are better for my health and my stomach ;)
Sweets are probably quite unnecessary, maybe I should quit eating them. There are still fruits, as soon as I'll need some quick energy :) Which I don't need.. :D I sit with my computer all the time :D I'm a programmer girl..
Today was quite tasty already, so I'm gonna eat a Soyagurt (the expiration date forces me to do so) with raw cocoa and sunflower seeds :) With cherry tomatoes, carrot and.. well, what else? any suggestions? ..Although I think this must be enough for today :D Wish me luck, I wanna lose fat, not gain even more of it :D

So let's summarize :)
Tomorrow is monday and I'm gonna have a detoxication day. Then I'm gonna try a rational diet. I'm gonna be thankful to my body for everything it offers me :) Thank's, body. Now I'm gonna help you to get rid of the unnecessary burden you are forced to carry :)


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